What We Live

A few years ago, i had a lot of answers. Today, i’m not sure those answers were wrong. They just hadn’t been lived. that’s the challenging part of life. It isn’t really a matter as to whether or not you have great ideas. Instead, it matters whether or not you live those ideas. If you don’t, those ideas become wisps that only lived in your mind, but never ventured to breathe deeply or feel the texture of life. 

If someone asked me to tell them a story, I might tell them about the time Kent, Adina, and I drove for hours with the Lesotho Star in the night sky before our eyes. I would talk about the way the star twinkled and danced with colors. I could tell you about when Drew and I longboarded around Lake Hefner, and the JCM song that came out of the adventure. You might hear me talk about when I skied down a black diamond to impress some college girls when I was 14, and the result was me flying out of my skies and toppling head over heels for about 40 yards down the hill. 

I remember these moments. The ideas fade away. It isn’t that the ideas aren’t important, but the ideas won’t do anything on their own. If you’re like me, then you can spend hours creating ideas to help a friend’s business, strengthen relationships, or create something worth being a part of. You may love ideas for the sake of ideas. Ideas won’t matter though as long as ideas  remain only as ideas. Because we don’t remember ideas. We remember what we live.



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