Change – A New Chapter

“I would like a Dragon with 1.5 inches of steamed foam and two raw sugars on top of the foam,” I said.
A minute later, the barista handed me the hot cup, and I sipped caffeine in it’s slightly sweetened glory into my body.

The sun shines now, and white clouds almost look painted on the light blue sky outside. A few hours ago, all was dark and the cold of Autumn finally arrived. My friends and I have been waiting for this, wondering how 90 degree heat snuck back into the deepest part of October. We’ve been waiting. The leaves have been waiting. And things begin to change, our lives moving forward like pages in a book.

Change is something we can’t escape. If we try to stay the same, it whispers from our bones, you are not the same. Last year’s thoughts and dreams are changing. Knowledge has rolled into our minds, and love is shifting to a deeper more true part of our heads.
“Don’t remain how you were,” is the whisper of Autumn. “You can change, and you’re meant to.”

I believe change must happen. Sometimes, it is difficult to move forward from what you had. And maybe the reason is because of fear. The fear that it won’t be as good as what we had. Or maybe it is the fear that it will be better, and in the midst of everything that is better, we will find ourselves crushed by the sheer distance of the fall from the good things in our life.

We can forever stay the same to fight the fear of bad things happening.

Have you ever felt immobilized by fear? You are afraid to have the conversation with someone you need to have. In your heart, there is no question that questions must be asked, and clarity needs to be found because the misunderstanding has created a tension between the two of you that is causing chaos in your life. You know you need to move forward, but the world of ambiguity is a little too frightful for you. So you ignore the ache inside that says, “Do something. Say something. Don’t let things remain the same.”

Here is what I’ve found. If we refuse to face the fears in our lives, that part of our hearts will begin to fade and die. Dreams wilt. Hope vanishes. We become a shade of what we were meant to be.

I’ve been there. I just don’t want to stay there anymore. Let’s move through it. Let’s face the fears that are keeping oxygen from those places in our lives. Let your life breathe again. Let your heart breathe again. Let your soul breathe again.

When you do, you notice something begins to happen. Something real and true comes out of your heart. Something that isn’t avoiding. Something that isn’t running. Something that isn’t abandoning the best parts of you. Instead, you begin to live in the deepest Autumn of your own heart, letting things be said, breathed and shared. The real you shows up, and this is a beautiful thing. You, like the leaves begin to change, and the things that need to die can gently fall away, so that you can have something new and beautiful and true come into your life again.

Change is in your heart waiting for you to happen to life. And it will unfold before you with each courageous moment. The cold in the air whispers and beckons, “Change. You are meant for this.” Turn the page, and begin writing a new chapter in your story.


3 thoughts on “Change – A New Chapter

  1. David this one dug deep into my heart. Autumn is my favorite time of the year – probably because my birth month is late October. I love the changing of the leaves and I mourn when they are not vivid and beautiful. Is that the reason we do not like change? We do not know what it will bring or what it will demand of us. I say demand because you cannot have change with just a whim. It must be heart felt. The change God asks of us must also be from the heart. Thanks for this thoughtful blog. .


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