We Almost Did

For the past few years, I’ve had a crush on Taylor Swift. We really haven’t talked much. Not at all actually, but I’m sure we would hit it off if we did. Except for her cats. I’m allergic to cats, and I would never be able to get past the whole cats thing. Even if I didn’t have allergies, I would have to somehow agree to be okay hanging out with demons which is the original word for cats, and that would never happen because I don’t want to befriend any demons in this life or the life to come. So there is that. The end of a romance before it ever began. Before the conversations we didn’t have that make me think we would have hit it off if we did.

Today, the skies are blue from where I sit in Tulsa. October is on its way into November, and soon people will gather with their families for Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie. We’ll sit down and eat, laughing over stories, maybe watch the Cowboys and the Lions, and then fall asleep to wake up to a new season leading into Christmas. People will wrap lights around their Christmas trees, and hang ornaments that a relative gave to them a few years ago. Soon after, we’ll gather around the Christmas trees and open the presents under them. We’ll eat our way into a food coma, and approach 2015 about 10 lbs heavier because of the fudge and pies on the counters and the coffee tables. A few days later, people will sing Auld Lang Syne. Sweethearts will celebrate with a kiss as the clock strikes midnight. Other people will stare into their glass of wine or ginger ale, pretending they don’t see what’s happening around them. In New York City, the ball has dropped, and a new year is here.

We’re not that far away from when all of this happens. I wonder how we’ll feel when we get there. It seems like every year, there’s something my friends and I want to get better at. Something we want to strive after. Something we want to do that is important. Sometimes, this moment feels like a reset. Like we’re able to start over, and move on from those moments we missed or the opportunities we lost. The moments we look back and wonder what have happened if we did. 

There is no good story where a person almost pursues their dreams. No romantic comedy shows a guy who almost goes back for the girl who broke his heart. No great war story shows what almost happened. Because stories aren’t about what almost happened. Stories aren’t about the moments where we say, “What would have happened if we did?” 

Taylor Swift and I might (or as I like to think would probably) hit it off if we did meet. That is pretty far reaching idea though. And we can’t live in daydreams as to what might happen. All we have to do is to choose how we will live the life we are given. Not live in theories. Not live in daydreams or fantasies. Live each day, moment by moment.

When you get to 2015, what will you look back on and regret what you didn’t do and think to yourself, “I almost did.” You’re not meant to almost live. You’re meant for more. To pursue your dreams. To live full of love. To take a risk. You and I are meant for more than almost.


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