The center of the X

A lot of people I talk to end up back here frequently. It is a place of questioning, and wondering what the next move is. This is the place of transition, the crossroads of life, or as I think of it, the center of the X. 

You made your way to the center of the X by moving forward, or going backward. You may have had plans that fell apart, or quite possibly success at something you didn’t like made you go back to the drawing board and start over. 

What do you do when you get to this place? There is so much tension involved because this is your story, and you only get to live your life once. Here are three questions I have found helpful in providing me clarity for my next step from the center of the X.

1. Who am I? Before you write this off, this isn’t a question for me anymore that comes from a place of not knowing. I know who I am. Sometimes, I forget to live out of that core. I am a passionate, loving man who can do whatever God tells me to do. I am working to create a courageous, real, and passionate life. I am energized by influencing others through public speaking, writing, conceptualizing, strategic thinking, connecting, and encouraging. I am competitive and adventurous. I am a son, brother, friend, and a sinner saved by the grace of God. I believe as a Christ-follower the best is yet to come, and I can live a life of faith and courage instead of a life of fear and anxiety. 

Does my living always match up with my core? No. But when I line up with the way God made me to be, life becomes much more enjoyable. When this is a blueprint for the life I build, or a map to lead me on the path I’m walking, life is much more exciting and full of impact. 

What about you? Who are you? At your core?

2. What is my purpose? I believe my purpose is to love and glorify God, to love people and make disciples. I believe purpose comes from God, not from us. I’m thankful to have found my purpose, because life makes a lot more sense to me when I live on purpose.

3. What is my mission? Before this sounds all Mission Impossible types of cheesy, that’s not what I mean. Another friend calls it “my particular purpose.” This is that sweet spot that I can live from. It is the place where the desires of my heart and the work I do match up. I’d tell you this, but you can’t know just everything about me. 

What is your mission? What do you come alive doing? 

These three questions are great at helping me clarify what is important. These questions help me remember why I do what I do, and why I want to get better. 

Are you at the center of the X? If not, where are you in your journey? I encourage you to take time to reflect on these questions for yourself, and then do more of what you love from the core of who you are. 



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