5 Questions To Ask When You Have No Motivation

What do you do when your motivation is gone? My lack of motivation has driven me to the Curly Fries at Arby’s, or that bag of potato chips in the pantry that I bought for the party this weekend. My lack of motivation has wasted minutes that turned into hours scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When you’re not motivated, it is difficult to get what you want in life. So how do you find motivation? Here are 5 questions I’ve learned to ask when I have no motivation so that I don’t end up influenced by Emperor Palpatine’s hope for my lack of motivation.

Emperor Palpatine

1. How Has My Sleep Been Lately? We are getting less sleep as a culture than ever before. For some strange reason, we celebrate a person who sleeps less and works more. Beyond that, how many times do you get a text or find yourself checking Instagram one time before you go to sleep? If you are behind on sleep, it will affect every area of your life. One quick way to address this is to take a 20 minute nap, and then go to bed earlier. Put your smart phone up, and learn to enjoy resting again. Getting enough zzzz’s will help you get back the motivation.

2. What Have I Been Eating Lately? The foods you eat directly impact how you feel throughout the day. 99% of the time, I avoid eating white bread now. (That 1% is when I’m having a cheat meal at a local BBQ spot that puts the white bread out, and who is going to say no to that?) For the year of 2016, I have given up drinking pop. I find that when I eliminate high fructose corn syrup from my life, I feel much more energetic. Also, in connection with your level of sleep, you may be intaking too much coffee (hello college students and workaholics) which results in times of great effectiveness, and other times of crashing and burning. You’ll enjoy life more by consistently taking in good foods, and leaning on caffeine in moderation.

3. Am I Taking Time To Connect Spiritually? You and I are spiritual creatures. Even if you are not a Christian, I hope you recognize there is a spirit or life force within you that sustains you. One way I take time to connect spiritually is through prayer or meditation on Scripture. Taking time to be still, and to center yourself from all the things competing for your attention will give you space to identify what is important to you in life, and what you need to get there.

4. Do I See Myself As A Human Being Or A Human Doing? How many times does your life become so busy doing things that you don’t have time to be? Being busy does not make you successful, nor does it make you motivated. Do you always have to be doing something to feel worthwhile? I believe we are created in the image of God, and that our worth is found simply because God created us, and that means we are of great worth. When your worth is only about what you do, then you may become too busy doing things, and weary yourself in the process. Busy is not better. Stay motivated by reminding yourself of where your worth comes from.

5. What Do I Need To Get There? You may ask, “Where is there?” In this case, there is accomplishing what you want. Yesterday afternoon, I did not want to go to the gym. Although I’m working on falling in love with the process, I didn’t enjoy a lot of the workout. But I knew I could get to the other side of it, and when I did, I would be thankful I put in the time. Sometimes, I text a friend, “I’m going to workout this afternoon at 3:30 pm. After I workout, I will tell you how it went.” Now, I”m not depending on them to get me there, but I have created a form of accountability for myself in the process.

I hope you take time to identify what you want, and if you are feeling a lack of motivation, then look at making small shifts that will cause big results. It is amazing how drinking more water in the day, eating well, sleeping well, taking time to connect spiritually, re-affirming your worth, and asking what you need to get to the other side of your goal can help motivate you, and increase your enjoyment of life.

What is a question you ask to get your motivation back when you lack motivation?


3 thoughts on “5 Questions To Ask When You Have No Motivation

  1. This was a great post. I think I struggle with false motivation more than lack of motivation. I have to do such and such because people will think less of me or I have to do something or I will be a bad mom. This type of “motivation” is just as bad or maybe worse about keeping us from doing what is actualky fulfilking or important than lack of motivation.

  2. Great points! I agree, that if we’ve decided to achieve something then motivation shouldn’t be an issue. Most of the time we’re simply not conscious of our current state and situation. Some easy reframing and mindfulness will always get us back on the right track.


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