Moving From Confusion to Clarity

Are you experiencing more clarity or more confusion as you venture further into 2017? A lot of people start the year with a bang, but then certain levels of resistance show up, and they slowly shrink back from their objectives for the year. The clarity they had gives way to confusion. That’s a big reason why I decided to launch The Convergence with David Skidmore, a podcast designed to help you live with clarity and connection. Life can become overwhelming and confusing, and this podcast will help you live and lead with clarity and connection. In each conversation, you have the opportunity to learn from focused leaders who are making an impact in their environment. You can listen to the podcasts on iTunes (Mobile or Computer) or on SoundCloud.

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The format of The Convergence with David Skidmore is a conversation with high impact leaders who give practical advice to help you live and lead with clarity and connection. Here are the episodes we have made for you so far in 2017:

#1. How To Set Goals and Stay Focused with Bryan Clifton. In this conversation, Bryan and I  talk about some practical ways so that you can stay on track in reaching your goals. Bryan shares three specific types of goals to help you succeed over the long haul. This episode will help you clarify your goals and stay focused on what you want.

#2. Rhinoceros Success: How To Build with Endurance with Dale Bresee. In this conversation, we talk about how cows plod through life (slow pace of life). On the other hand, rhinos charge hard, and then go jump in a mud bath (vacation/rest.) We talk about how to plan your year by using three specific types of days, and how to set yourself up to charge hard so that you can build a great business.

#3. How To Pull Off A Large Creative Project with Brianna Gaither. If you want to learn about the process of pulling off a large creative project, you are going to love this conversation. Brianna is an expert in this area, as she just finished writing and recording a new album called “Vanity”, and simultaneously filming and directing Resonate: A film to help you identify and unlock your creative potential. You will hear us talk about how God created us to create, and an idea of what it looks like behind the scenes on a creative project. You also will get to hear a sample of two of Brianna’s new songs.

#4. How To Overcome The Fear of Rejection with Catherine Brown. Has the fear of rejection been holding you back from realizing your dreams? If so, you’re going to love this conversation with Catherine Brown, the founder and president of Initial Call. In today’s conversation, Catherine and I talk about what happens in your mind when you’re afraid, how we interpret and internalize rejection, and some excellent tools to help you kick the fear of rejection in the face.

After you check out the podcasts, would you do me a favor, and rate/review The Convergence with David Skidmore in the app if you have found it helps you live and lead with clarity and connection. That would mean a lot. Thanks for all the love, support, and feedback.

Listen to The Convergence with David Skidmore now on iTunes (Mobile or Computer) or on SoundCloud.




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