What Do You Do With Loss (Pt 2)

Your soul matters a lot, because your soul is the thing that is the real you. Everything you know in this reality is connected to your soul. So your body is connected to your soul, which is why some days, you feel like a garbage can after eating pizza, cheeseburgers, and tacos all weekend. Those will kill you man. Don’t argue with me. They will kill you, except for the tacos. Tacos are delicious, and must be eaten. Tacos make you last forever.

That spark is somewhere. That spark is a soul, and that spark next to God himself is the most real thing in the universe, because your soul doesn't go away..png

Your soul is directly connected to everything in your body as long as it is in your body. So your soul is the very center of who you are, where your thoughts, feelings, food, habits, and everything else flows into and out of. Then this moment comes when you move beyond this life, when your body fails, or when your soul has finally had enough and moves on from your body, who knows how all this works. 

My entire life, there was something, a life happening within her body, and then suddenly nothing was. Something was there because someone was there, but now that someone is gone. The more I sat there, the more I didn’t understand. The someone that was there is gone? That doesn’t make sense at all. It’s not just that the life force suddenly had oxygen taken away. It’s just that the body holding the spark of life had all the oxygen taken from it. That spark is somewhere. That spark is a soul, and that spark next to God himself is the most real thing in the universe, because your soul doesn’t go away. It continues on. Somewhere beyond that padlocked door on the other side of life as we know it. 

*          *          *

I met a business guy the other day. He’s filthy rich, man. He’s got so much money, he probably uses Benjamin Franklins as his TP, and wishing there was something he could level up to from there, wishing Alexander Hamilton would have put his face on the $1000 bill. Who devises a financial system and leaves their own face off of it? People treat this guy different because he has money which means he has been really successful in life, or something like that. 

I used to think success tasted like someone being happy, you know, like everyone does on the Coca-Cola commercials where the top of the glass bottle is twisted off. The beach ball is getting hit back and forth in the air by all these beautiful people on the beach with perfect bodies, and I want to be on the beach only possibly wearing a t-shirt until I get that summer body, know what I’m saying? Then one of them runs over from the beach ball going back and forth, reaches into the cooler that is perfectly placed in the sand, and you hear the sound as she twists off the top of the bottle, “Kssshhhh”, and then she takes a sip and exhales, “Aaaaah.” 

If there’s not a Coke in the house, you’re getting in your car to drive to the closest gas station so you can buy a Coke. Do you ever notice something like 5 minutes after you drink a Coca-Cola, you go from feeling amazing to feeling terrible? Something that was meant to quench your thirst made you feel miserable. All of that sugary, carbonated, caramelized water should be doing more for us. 

Anyway, this guy found a different kind of happiness for his life, one that isn’t carbonated and filled with caramel color. His happiness is called wealth. He figured out how to make it work, and he’s been drinking millions of dollars ever since. I thought he’d stock his house and fridge full of Cokes, but instead, he’s drinking the Porsche in the garage, the Louis Vuitton’s in the closet, and that skin care treatment lotion that keeps your face looking 30 when you’re 60. I still can’t figure out with all that success why he’s so unhappy. He just looks lonely. “Power suit, power tie, power steering, that’s what I’m about,” his eyes say as he looks at me. I wonder when the last time is that he smiled and felt happy about life. Just another Vance Munson on that treadmill of self-importance and power they call success. Nice metaphors, Vance. I guess the Louis Vuitton’s didn’t quench his thirst. 

You can read part 3 of “What Do You Do With Loss?” here.


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