David Skidmore is a highly sought after speaker known for his passion, humor, and love for God’s Word. His true passion is seeing the life change Jesus brings to college students and teens through the gospel. David is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, but his ministry extends across the globe. David began speaking to teens at the age of 16, and has spoken at Winterfest and The Tulsa Workshop along with numerous other events. His unique perspective on the Kingdom comes from spending his teenage years in Utah, followed by studies at Oklahoma Christian University. He led a high impact college ministry for three years, and spent time throughout Africa and Latin America. For more information on booking David to come to your church, conference, or retreat, you can contact him at

“Hearing the Word of God through David is always a great blessing! I keep waiting for him to preach a less-than-outstanding sermon. It hasn’t happened yet. He is always fresh; always relevant and always allows the Word of God to hit me right between the eyes.” Mitch Wilburn, Senior Minister, Park Plaza Church of Christ.

“David is a man who has spent time seeking the Lord and the conviction of the Word by. The Lord’s passion and fervor have been continually poured through through David by the Spirit. David has been gifted with words and an ability to speak and spur souls towards God’s calling.” Drew Chancey, Musician, Videographer, Creative for Winterfest.


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