Getting UnStuck and Creating The Change You Want

Have you ever noticed how some leaders are unhappy with their lives? People who lead consistently see the way things are, and they point the way to how things could be and should be. If you lead well, it means that you see problems. It also means that you see the opportunities for change to … Continue reading Getting UnStuck and Creating The Change You Want


The Problem With Impressing People

Something I heard someone say a long time ago is, “Love your readers.” When I write, this is what I have done. Somewhere along the way, I lost a bit of the magic though. “Love your readers became impress your readers.” When I started viewing life from that perspective, I didn't have much to share. … Continue reading The Problem With Impressing People

The Secret Power of Ordinary

I spent much of my life thus far avoiding routine. Growing up, I viewed routine as the opposite of enjoyment. The house I grew up in was a place of routine, and I tried to imagine my way out of it. Well, except for the daily times that held routine Breakfast of cereal, routine lunch … Continue reading The Secret Power of Ordinary

What Do You Have When You’re Down To Nothing?

What do you have when you’re down to nothing? This is a question I’ve thought about over the past few years. You can be down to nothing in relationships, or in money, education, or in work. What is interesting is that we often refer to these things as if they are what make us something. … Continue reading What Do You Have When You’re Down To Nothing?

Moving From Confusion to Clarity

Are you experiencing more clarity or more confusion as you venture further into 2017? A lot of people start the year with a bang, but then certain levels of resistance show up, and they slowly shrink back from their objectives for the year. The clarity they had gives way to confusion. That’s a big reason … Continue reading Moving From Confusion to Clarity

Saying Goodbye

Awhile back, I was working for an organization, and I noticed around the holidays that a lot of us in the organization seemed to start checking out. We were showing up to work, but we weren’t getting much work done. Looking back on it, I think the calendar was controlling us, more than we were … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Are Your Standards of Comparison Unrealistic?

Most people I talk to have unreasonable and unrealistic standards of comparison for their life. I find this to be especially true about twenty-somethings. This happens when you find a model of "perfection", and then measure yourself in comparison to this model. If you're an athlete, maybe your standard is Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky, or … Continue reading Are Your Standards of Comparison Unrealistic?